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November 2013

Light Rail Projects Make Inroads in U.S., Beyond

We visit a sampling of projects, from Maryland MTA’s Purple Line, which was approved to be delivered via public-private partnership, to Perth, Australia, where a 14-mile network is being planned.

June 2012

Alstom’s Light Rail Advances Ripe for North American Market

President of Alstom Transportation in North America Guillaume Mehlman cites vehicle accessibility, increased speed and catenary-free capabilities developed for projects in the international market as foreseeable trends in the U.S.

June 2011

Railcar Suppliers Look to Offer Range of Services

Vehicle suppliers are stepping up to offer services for every facet of ownership, from installation of rail to refurbishment and modernization. Also, many are focusing on practices already in place throughout the world, where risk of ownership is actually transferred back to the company, enabling the rail operator to operate the system on an established fixed cost.

November 2010

Alstom Innovation on Display at Innotrans

Company predicts steady growth and continued expansion into new global markets. Products unveiled at the exhibit included a new high-speed rail platform.

September 2010

Supply Side Ready to Take on U.S. High-Speed Market

Although funding impacts businesses as much as high-speed rail authorities, many manufacturers are excited for the opportunity to provide services in the U.S. and optimistic their products have what it will take.

August 2010

Positive Train Control Implementation Signals Challenges Ahead

In addition to meeting the Dec. 31, 2015 deadline, rail operations are faced with cost issues, project deferrals and ensuring interoperability between systems.

June 2010

Integrated Control Centers Bolster Rail Service Efficiency

The technology is heading toward more automation and integration. The inclusion of security and information management systems in projects is growing substantially.

February 2010

Alstom Expands U.S. Presence with New Bay Area Facility

The new $1.4 million, 120,000-square-foot rail service facility on Mare Island, currently offers the capacity to work on 15 railcars. The site, which features a 50-foot maintenance pit, is set up to handle maintenance/wreck repair, renovation/rebuilds, and supply chain management services.


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