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In 'Keeping Them Honest,' truth not necessary to 'report' on rail

High-speed rail projects across the U.S. were subject to a recent hatchet job on CNN, courtesy of Anderson Cooper and a reporter who hid several key facts, making the projects seem like a waste of money for something nobody wants.

The End of the Old Oil Order

Cheap oil is no more. Young people, performing on a show set in an older era, actually get that. When will the rest of us?

May the best state win

California and New York have both asked for the extra slice of the federal high-speed rail pie, which was rejected by Florida’s Governor. But would it help California’s project or its chronic traffic problems? Is New York a better candidate?

Can the U.S. remain a competitive world power without high-speed rail?

High-speed rail projects and the money needed to pay for them have been eliciting strong reactions from all sides. Tuesday's announcement of the Obama Administration’s plan to spend $53 billion over the next six years on rail infrastructure projects produced a flurry of responses, some praising the plan — others deriding it.

SOTU gives glimpse of tomorrow’s rail, but what about transit today?

President Obama gave high-speed rail a shout-out in his State of the Union Address, but what about vowing support for public transit now?

What’s wrong with Wisconsin…and Ohio?

Turning down millions of federal funding dollars for rail will cost both states thousands of jobs now. The financial support is being redirected to about a dozen other grateful states. Do the new Governors that Wisconsin and Ohio recently elected care that they may end up being left behind in the race for jobs and transportation?

The tide turns quickly for public transportation

It was just less than two years ago that the cry for more public transportation funding or, at least, an understanding that more funding was necessary, had been heard by the federal government, in particular by President Barack Obama. Now, a half-term of bi-partisan incompetence has yielded a swift change in congressional leadership that is nearly unprecedented.

Could it happen here?

Last week when the Icelandic volcano erupted, making the skies un-navigable and canceling flights all over Europe, many travelers were able to quickly shift gears and get on a train. There were, of course, many inter-continental trip delays and some small inconveniences.


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