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Transit violence signals need for more security

There were two prevalent news stories this week regarding violence at transit agencies. Both DART and Washington Metro are looking to employ more preventive measures, but are not necessarily in agreement with the public — or among themselves — as to what’s most effective.

BRT sees success, while rail suffers assault

Determined cheaper than rail, BRT got its due this week in Detroit and Nashville, Tenn., as they named it their best transit option. Many other cities have come to similar conclusions. However, with high-speed rail being declared “dead” in the press last week, is there an assault on rail projects in general?

A tale of transit in two cities

One Southern California city’s transit system celebrates 35 years of operations and its many successes. Meanwhile, a city in the Midwest is so strapped it can’t even get half its buses to destinations on time. Which is more representative of public transportation’s current reality in the U.S.?

‘Car-crazed’ L.A. welcoming transit, sustainability

From Measure R, which is enhancing bus and rail, to bike sharing to LEED projects, Los Angeles may soon buck its long-held reputation as car-obsessed. APTA’s recent Sustainability Workshop showed us how.

Lack of transportation is hurting our health

Three reports released this week show the detrimental effects traffic congestion, long commutes and even our roadways have on our health, safety and wallets. The results seem to underscore the need for more public transit, but will they have any impact?

Commuter transit effectiveness ranked as need only grows

The release this week of a Brookings Institution report, which reviewed metropolitan transit systems across the U.S., was widely reported, with many newspapers noting their city’s rank. With House Republicans discussed cutting public transit funding even further in 2012; ridership rising due to gas price spikes; and Congress debating taking tax breaks for oil companies off the table, the timing was interesting.

SOTU gives glimpse of tomorrow’s rail, but what about transit today?

President Obama gave high-speed rail a shout-out in his State of the Union Address, but what about vowing support for public transit now?

Will 2011 usher in a brighter outlook?

After the past two very challenging years, 2011 seems to have gotten off to a good start for transit.


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Factors in Transit Bus Ramp Slope and Wheelchair-Seated Passenger Safety Nearly 3 million U.S. adults are wheelchair or scooter users1, and as the population ages this number is expected to rise. Many wheelchair users rely upon public transportation to access work, medical care, school and social activities.

Mass Transit Capital Planning An overview of the world-class best practices for assessing, prioritizing, and funding capital projects to optimize resources and align with the organization’s most critical immediate and long-term goals.

The Benefits of Door-to-Door Service in ADA Complementary Paratransit Many U.S. transit agencies continue to struggle with the quality of ADA service, the costs, and the difficulties encountered in contracting the service, which is the method of choice for a significant majority of agencies. One of the most basic policy decisions an agency must make involves whether to provide door-to-door, or only curb-to-curb service.

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