Technology Helps Paratransit Services Go Lean
By Claire Atkinson, Senior Editor

While 70 percent of respondents saw ridership increase, fewer plan to buy new vehicles next year and many have had to reduce service to meet tighter budgets. In many cases, software, mobile data terminals and other technologies are helping agencies streamline services.

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Positive Train Control Implementation Signals Challenges Ahead

In addition to meeting the Dec. 31, 2015 deadline, rail operations are faced with cost issues, project deferrals and ensuring interoperability between systems.

Operators Investing In Tools for Hiring Success

Motorcoach carriers have found that even in the current economic climate, with cutting costs being the ultimate consideration, assessment and training are tools worth spending on to get and keep the best employees.

Tapping TOD Principles to Continue Sustainable Growth in Austin

The Texan city prides itself on a track record of highly involved neighborhoods and history of Smart Growth initiatives as key contributors to its high quality of life. Several years ago, in anticipation of opening its first commuter rail line - Capital MetroRail, which began service in March - the city began TOD planning for the areas surrounding three key stations.

Economics and Reduced Emissions Drive Growth of Alt Fuel Use

Roughly 14 percent of transit buses currently on the road run on natural gas. Demand is growing, according to industry experts, with natural gas engines specified for about 25 percent of all new bus orders.

Shuttle Services Make Key Connections for DFW Airport

The world's third busiest airport, Dallas/Fort Worth International operates five different shuttle services to accommodate a wide variety of parking and transit options for airport visitors and employees.

15th BusCon to Deliver Products, Seminars for Success

The 140,000-square-feet of show floor will feature the latest vehicles and products on the market today, while alternative fuels, university transit topics and driver safety will be discussed during educational sessions.

Training key to controlling costs

Travel trainers teach disabled and older persons to use local public transportation fixed-route services safely and independently

Bentech at Forefront of Driver Partition Design

The Philadelphia-based design and fabrication company is working with New Jersey Transit on a pilot program to test two different designs - a hinged-door and sliding-door model - on two different buses.


Coach carrier affected by Gulf spill aids in cleanup

To accommodate the cleanup work, Vision added four drivers, two cleaning crew members and one coach.

'Quiet cars' gain ground on commuter rail systems

NJ Transit is publicizing the Quiet Commute cars on its Website and also plans to wrap one of the cars to advertise their availability.

Miami airport extension progressing

The AirportLink is a 2.4-mile extension of Miami-Dade Transit's Metrorail, an elevated 22.6-mile rail line that serves downtown Miami, as well as communities in southern and northern Miami-Dade County.

Torrance Transit marks 70 years with new gasoline-electric fleet

The agency hopes to have an all-hybrid bus fleet in place by FY2015/2016.

New APTA bylaws suggest greater public-private cooperation

All of the industry's sectors need to work together to make the case for additional public transportation investment and service.

Authorization bill may be stalled for some time

This economic train wreck may be avoided if business leaders, transit riders, local elected officials and others rise up and demand that politicians inside the Beltway stop the nonsense and enact the sensible federal transportation law that is long overdue.

NABI unveils West Coast service facility

Compared to the previous facility in Ontario, Calif., the move increased the warehouse space by almost 30 percent.


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