Despite Dwindling Tax Revenues, Top 100 Fleets Soldier On
By Alex Roman, Managing Editor

As decreased revenue continues to impact transit agencies' budgets, many are continuing to find ways to become more efficient and remain a part of the entire intermodal solution. New York City Transit remains in the top spot of this year's survey.

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GM Survey: Transit Systems Hobbled by Drop in State, Local Funds

Three out of four agencies responding to the annual survey reported that their ridership numbers were down due to the economy and some were additionally impacted by raising their fares. The average transit executive salary totals $157,000, while the average time spent in the industry tops 25 years.

Supply Side Ready to Take on U.S. High-Speed Market

Although funding impacts businesses as much as high-speed rail authorities, many manufacturers are excited for the opportunity to provide services in the U.S. and optimistic their products have what it will take.

Operational Efficiency through Security Technology

Recent advances in the world of mobile surveillance increase public safety while allowing transit agencies to improve incident response, reduce risk and save money.

Support Transit Development and Operation?

When properly employed, such partnerships between government and the private sector can expedite projects, transfer development and operations risk, and provide better opportunities to leverage limited funds.

Tips for Landing Motorcoach Contracts

Anyone can submit a bid on a contract proposal, but what can coach operators do to make sure their name is at the top of the short list every time? METRO offers for tips on managing contracts with corporate, university and government clients.

Marcia Ferranto: Moving WTS Forward by Focusing on Membership

As President/CEO of the Women's Transportation Seminar, Ferranto is bringing her passion for working with nonprofits and skillful fundraising abilities to grow the organization for the future.

Transit Signage, Wraps and Graphics Benefit Passengers, Operators

Companies specializing in custom transportation materials are using large format printing, digital imaging, and durable, reusable materials — sometimes in conjunction with data-efficient bar coding — to benefit both passengers and operators.

Women In Transportation: Pamela Boswell

Title: Vice President, Program Management & Educational Service Organization: American Public Transportation Association City: Washington, D.C.

Easter Seals Project ACTION marks ADA milestone, launches online dialogue

The recent ESPA Talks Paratransit Online Dialogue provided a new opportunity for public and private transportation providers to discuss how they are meeting the needs of their customers in this challenging economic market.

Women In Transportation: Cathy Strombom

Title: Vice President and Senior Planning Manager Organization: Parsons Brinckerhoff City: Seattle

Women In Transportation: Maryanne Roberts

Title: Senior Advisor, Communications and Public Affairs, U.S. Organization: Bombardier Transportation City: Holland, Pa.

Women In Transportation: Marsha Moore

Title: Chief Information Officer Organization: MV Transportation City: Scottsdale, Ariz.

Women In Transportation: Sandy Modell

Title: General Manager Organization: Alexandria Transit Company City: Alexandria, Va.

Women In Transportation: Edythe Harris

Title: President/CEO Organization: Pro-Tran Luxury Motor Coaches City: Fort Washington, Md.

Women In Transportation: Terry Gruver

Title: Partner Organization: InfraConsult City: Scottsdale, Ariz.

Women In Transportation: Judy Dennis

Title: Regional Sales Manager Organization: ISE Corp. City: Denver


Proposed Buy America changes miss the real solution

While on the face of it the proposal sounds like a great idea, the changes miss the real solution to building the U.S. transit supply side and could worsen American companies' ability to compete overseas.

Rail races to watch in November

Cliff Henke, a contributing editor to METRO, is senior analyst at PB. His views herein are solely his own.

Mississauga rebrands transit system, focuses on growing ridership

A new citywide strategic plan is playing a major role in changes being made at the Ontario-based Mississauga Transit. The transit system is rebranding its services, and adding a BRT line and 15 new hybrid vehicles to its fleet.

TMC expands into coach market with Stallion Bus models

Elkhart, Ind.-based TMC Group Inc. has added the Delray Beach, Fla.-based Stallion Bus Industries' 30-passenger Pony and 40-passenger Stallion buses to its product offerings, company officials reported.

Natural gas group formed to educate industry on fueling, maintenance

The Natural Gas Coalition will hold a meeting and reception at the American Public Transportation Association's (APTA) 2010 Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, this October.

Calgary Transit adopts safety measures after platform fatality

Following the death of a three-year-old boy at a C-Train platform in June, Calgary Transit sought a peer-reviewed safety audit from the American Public Transit Association (APTA), added signage to platforms in train interiors and plans to post a video with safety information on its Website.


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