JUNE 2012

Alstom’s Light Rail Advances Ripe for North American Market
By Janna Starcic, Executive Editor

President of Alstom Transportation in North America Guillaume Mehlman cites vehicle accessibility, increased speed and catenary-free capabilities developed for projects in the international market as foreseeable trends in the U.S.

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Five Questions: IndyGo President/CEO Michael Terry

IndyGo president/CEO joined the agency in August 2003 as director, business development, responsible for marketing, communications, government and community relations, and planning and growth strategies.

2012 Top Rail Projects Survey

New additions include streetcar projects in New Orleans; Cincinnati; and Washington, D.C., totaling $490 million. True high-speed rail projects like California’s still fail to crack the list due to escalating costs.

A Closer Look at Rural Transit Systems

Providing much-needed paratransit and access to jobs in often very remote areas, agencies in these regions struggle with some of the same challenges that small urbanized agencies do: funding, and rising fuel costs and demand, which have a significant impact on a vulnerable population.

Rail Operators Steadily Moving Toward PTC Implementation

While funding and technology integration remain key issues, some U.S. rail operators are looking to meet the 2015 Congressional deadline, including Southern California’s Metrolink, which aims to have its system in place by next year.

Innovative Solutions Meet the Needs of California's Rural Transit Riders

Seven days a week, 365 days a year, SamTrans Route 17 makes its way along the winding roads and past the scenic views of the California coast in San Mateo County. Situated sometimes just yards from the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the San Francisco Bay Area, Route 17 is one of seven fixed-route bus lines that serve several small coastal communities, including Half Moon Bay, Montara, Moss Beach, Pacifica and Pescadero.

How To Generate Motorcoach Business Leads

Websites such as Bus Rates.com and charterbusconnect.com do most of the homework for you. Some operators are using their current customers as sources for new leads. Additionally, trade shows offer the opportunity to establish personal relationships.

Air Conditioning Trends

New trends and developments are emerging in the industry as manufacturers work to meet the needs of transportation providers and their fleets.


Houston Metro equips buses with air sterilization device

A team of graduating seniors from Rice University created, with the help of Houston Metro, a system for public transit that would continually clear the air in the bus of pathogens.

Operators, mechanics test skills at APTA’s bus Roadeo

The International Bus Roadeo, held in conjunction with APTA’s Bus and Paratransit Conference in Long Beach, Calif., gave operators and mechanics the chance to compete against the best.

Houston Metro equips buses with air sterilization device

A team of graduating seniors from Rice University created, with the help of Houston Metro, a system for public transit that would continually clear the air in the bus of pathogens.

Debate over intercity rail leaves policy at a crossroads

Some critics of the proposed California high-speed rail system have used the state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office report, which recommended that the program not be funded, as its rally cry.

Rail projects reveal split in conservative thinking

“…there are some opponents who will never be convinced no matter how much evidence they are given. To those, give them the evidence — but then don’t waste your time any further.”

Seon recognized for offering fleet management convenience

In a comprehensive report published by independent UK-based firm IMS Research, Seon was ranked #1 worldwide for sales in mobile surveillance solutions. The report, entitled “The World of Mobile Video Surveillance Equipment,” is published every two years.

DART rail — a case study in innovation and service

Through its partnership with INIT, DART was able to more efficiently manage its extensive light rail network.


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