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High-definition cameras

AngelTrax' new line of onboard interior and exterior high-definition cameras features HD quality 800TV-lines of resolution, waterproof IP68 certified stainless-steel housing and "SmartInfrared" technology coupled with advanced dual-exposure image processing, improving nighttime and low light video capture. The line includes nine cameras with varying fields of view ranging from focused 20-degree to wide-angle 120-degree capture.

Hydraulic Mobile Column Lift Series

The ST 1085 features a lifting capacity of 18,500 lbs. per column and is equipped with extra-long adjustable pick-up forks of 14 inches — well suited to safely raise all types of vehicles, including those with super single tires. In addition, the width between the lifting forks is adjustable, so vehicles with variable wheel diameters can be lifted safely and easily. The ST 1085 also features a Multi Master System, equipped with a control box on each individual column. Lifting columns can be operated individually, in pairs or a complete set.

CNG engine oil

BRAD PENN Compressed Natural Gas Engine Oil is a premium multi-viscosity lubricant specifically designed for use in compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled vehicles. It is recommended for use in Detroit Diesel 50G and 60G Series natural gas fueled engines and for use in Mack CNG (utilizing Cummins CNG engines) and in Cummins B, C and L-10 Series stationary and vehicular engines fueled by CNG. The oil is approved by Cummins against its CES 20074 specification and approved against Detroit Diesel DDC 93K216.

New mobile surveillance DVRs

Radio Engineering Industries’ two new DVRs — the HD420 and DR40 provide even more flexibility to meet the ever-changing safety needs of passengers, drivers, vehicles and fleets. Each DVR includes an extruded aluminum chassis, fanless design and wireless capability. The HD420 DVR records up to four channels of audio and video at 120 frames per second at D1 resolution, while the DR40 DVR records up to four channels of audio and video at 60 frames per second at D1 resolution. Each DVR is coupled with REI’s A.R.M.O.R. viewing software for a comprehensive mobile video solution.

Emergency stop switch

The new Series 04 Fail-Safe Emergency-Stop Switching Element’s “fail-safe” element will detect if the stop switch actuator becomes disconnected from the emergency stop actuator. If there is any defect, the failsafe contact opens, cuts power and stops the machinery as if in an emergency shutdown routine. These new contact blocks will fit any new design that utilizes EAO’s Series 04 emergency-stop switches. Retrofitting existing applications is easy as well.

Long haul 12-volt starters

Bosch’s Long Haul 12-volt series of starters include all the features necessary for the widest range of large displacement commercial diesel engine applications. The starters also utilize the fewest number of SKUs — three Bosch Long Haul starters replace more than 186 competitive part numbers. Other features include an easy to use universal mounting flange; over crank protection, which prevents damage and ensures a longer life; and an internal magnetic switch that ensures optimal voltage for starting in all weather conditions.

Road speed limiter

The Speed Sentinel II lets you set a maximum vehicle speed. Lower speeds equal lower fuel costs and the reduced chance of an accident. The maximum programmable vehicle speed can be set from 10 mph to 80 mph. Two independent speed settings can be programmed, and speed settings are reprogrammable. The Speed Sentinel does not limit engine output below the maximum speed setting. A “plug and play” installation means no cutting of factory wires.

Tire comparator

The Tire Comparator (Type II) is a consistent caliper for comparing tire diameter on dual-mated tires. It provides an easy method of ensuring mated tires are within tolerance. The sliding tolerance gauge requires no measuring, guessing or visual inspection. Simply hold the tool against the tire and slide it across the treads for a quick pass/fail result. The comparator is made in the U.S. from a lightweight, durable aluminum construction. Special tread wear adapter gauges are also available for any rim size.

Bus window installer

The VLSC 400 powered vacuum lift installs windows, window units and windshields regardless of shape, size, curvature and method of attachment to the vehicle. It manipulates, removes and installs side windows, window units and windshields up to 400 lbs., resulting in reduced manpower, requiring one person instead of three; less chance of ergonomic injury, workers compensation claims and absenteeism; and reduced chance of glass and vehicle damage.

13-channel mobile DVR

The Explorer DX-HD, a new HD-ready mobile digital video recorder (DVR), is capable of recording at 30 frames per second simultaneously on all 13 channels. Paired with Seon's CHW HD bus camera, the DX-HD is ideal for transit and school bus surveillance applications where image clarity is essential, such as in accident reconstruction or license plate capture. This next-generation DVR features the highest resolution and frame-rate combination available. The DX-HD facilitates better incident management through dual real-time viewing applications.


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