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Tire lifter

The new Tire Lifter is designed to make it easier for one person to lift heavy tire and wheel assemblies from horizontal to vertical. The tool can be used to lift mounted 22.5 and 24.5 single tires and 300-lb. super single tires. One person operates the Tire Lifter by unfolding the hook and placing it under the tire, then pulling the lever back and lifting. When not in use, the portable, 13-lb. tool folds into a 49-inch package and can be hung on a wall.

Video recorders

The RoadRecorder series offers high-definition recording and utilizes both hard-disk drive and solid-state recording to create redundant data storage, according to the company. The product line is designed to accommodate audio and video for six or 12 cameras — IP and analog — and provides wireless download of data, real-time live look-in, system health status, GPS and metadata. The recorders are designed from the ground up to withstand the vibration and shock of mobile environments.

Vehicle lift wheel dolly

Stertil-Koni’s high lift wheel dolly is designed to allow alignment of a dual tire assembly with the brake drum to the axle tube to be completed efficiently and accurately. It also dramatically lowers the occurrence of back injuries and abdominal strain, because wheel removal is completed at an altitude that is higher than floor level and in line with technicians working in a fully standing position, according to the company. The dolly has a lifting capacity of up to 1,000 lbs.

Vehicle backing sensor system

MobileTRAQ Vue now features an integrated SenseStat Obstacle Detection Backing Sensor System. The SenseStat hardware add-on feature works with the MobileTRAQ Vue by displaying four zones behind the vehicle to help fleets and drivers prevent backing accidents. The system automatically detects when the vehicle is in reverse and displays the SenseStat backing sensors. The waterproof sensors work in all weather conditions and provide the location of an obstacle within four individual zones behind the vehicle, accurate to within one inch, according to the company.

Safety training DVD set

Transit & Paratransit Co.’s new training course, Safety Leadership, is designed to provide guidance for managers to influence safe driver behaviors. The course consists of seven interactive DVDs that cover topics, such as accidents and why people have them; understanding human behavior and behavior-based safety; and leadership principles and techniques. The course takes approximately four-and-a-half hours to complete and costs $2,500.

In-ground lifting system

The ECOLIFT, Stertil-Koni’s new generation of its U.S. patented, heavy-duty scissor lift, is recognized as the industry’s first ultra-shallow, full-rise, in-ground lifting system, according to the company. ECOLIFT is available in a two-scissor or three-scissor configuration with a total lifting capacity of 60,000 lbs. and 90,000 lbs., respectively. The most recent version of ECOLIFT features fully flush-mounted aluminum pit covers for even greater convenience and safety.

Lift lighting kits

Tech Lights, a new series of LED shop lights, comes with magnetic mounting clips for setup in a variety of locations without drilling, company officials said. Tech Lights are available in three kits: the two-post lift kit, P/N FA5701; four-post lift kit, P/N FA5700; and the hand-held, battery-powered, single Tech Light shop light, P/N FA5702, which can be used with any type of vehicle lift. Since all mounts are magnetic, they offer a universal fit for any lift or piece of equipment in the shop.

Pest control solution

STERI-FAB is an EPA-registered product that kills bedbugs, lice, ticks and many other insects, as well as mold, mildew and bacteria, while also disinfecting the area where it is applied. STERI-FAB can be applied without dilution on most surfaces, such as chairs and upholstered furniture, and it dries quickly without leaving a residue, according to Noble Pine Products Co., which manufactures the product. STERI-FAB does not contain any dyes or perfumes.

High-definition cameras

AngelTrax' new line of onboard interior and exterior high-definition cameras features HD quality 800TV-lines of resolution, waterproof IP68 certified stainless-steel housing and "SmartInfrared" technology coupled with advanced dual-exposure image processing, improving nighttime and low light video capture. The line includes nine cameras with varying fields of view ranging from focused 20-degree to wide-angle 120-degree capture.

Hydraulic Mobile Column Lift Series

The ST 1085 features a lifting capacity of 18,500 lbs. per column and is equipped with extra-long adjustable pick-up forks of 14 inches — well suited to safely raise all types of vehicles, including those with super single tires. In addition, the width between the lifting forks is adjustable, so vehicles with variable wheel diameters can be lifted safely and easily. The ST 1085 also features a Multi Master System, equipped with a control box on each individual column. Lifting columns can be operated individually, in pairs or a complete set.


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