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Factors in Transit Bus Ramp Slope and Wheelchair-Seated Passenger Safety

In collaboration with a metropolitan public transit agency we have been studying wheelchair accessibility on public transit buses as part of a National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research project. Our goal is to identify remediable factors that contribute to increased safety and independence for wheelchair-seated passengers and to propose solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

Mass Transit Capital Planning

 An overview of the world-class best practices for assessing, prioritizing, and funding capital projects to optimize resources and align with the organization’s most critical immediate and long-term goals.

The Benefits of Door-to-Door Service in ADA Complementary Paratransit

Many U.S. transit agencies continue to struggle with the quality of ADA service, the costs, and the difficulties encountered in contracting the service, which is the method of choice for a significant majority of agencies. One of the most basic policy decisions an agency must make involves whether to provide door-to-door, or only curb-to-curb service.

Mass transit mobile Wi-Fi & the public sector case study

How Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority successfully implemented Wi-Fi on its light rail and bus lines

Transit Systems: Allowing and optimizing advertising programs

Transit systems are facing shrinking budgets and rising costs. Many are looking for different ways to raise revenue. An option is either to create or optimize revenue from an advertising program (allowing interior, exterior, shelter or transit book advertising).

Hazard Analysis: The Practice of Using Cell Phones While Operating a Transit Vehicle

The purpose of this white paper is to analyze the hazard of cell phone use while operating a transit vehicle, by examining system safety principles, available information in the public domain, recent transit incidents and policies. By Michael J. Conlon, Director of Rail and Bus Safety, Metro Transit.

Making a World-Class Transit System a Reality

This paper will give the reader an awareness of what makes an organization successful when they undergo elements of changed management. This can also be known as: reorganizations; restructuring; reengineering; right sizing; and a new strategic direction. Moreover, this paper will focus on how to get an organization motivated so that everyone's involvement creates a level of ownership into the development of the strategy to achieve a performance level know as "world-class." By Dave Stumpo, president/CEO of APTREX Institute.

Performance Beyond Words: Are Employees Most Important?

This paper will focus on the creation of a strategic intent that involves our employees and how the words alone don't solve our industry's people and performance initiatives. Moreover, it will demonstrate that the motivational elements our transit industry must endure - are directly in front of us - namely our workers. By Dave Stumpo, president/CEO of APTREX Institute.

Growing Customers by Growing Employees

This paper focuses on the approach for one to think differently. It will give the reader an opportunity to see beyond the normal and create a shift in developing a commitment that looks beyond the annual budget cycle. It will involve one's employees in the decision of investment and won't let the words alone solve our industry's people and performance initiatives. Moreover, this paper will demonstrate actual results and testimonial feedback when care, recognition and reward are the tools that demonstrate leadership for our workforce. By Dave Stumpo, president/CEO of APTREX Institute.

Executive Report: Life-Cycle Costs of Onboard CCTV

This paper will help decision-makers evaluate on-board CCTV systems objectively, and make recommendations to public authorities supported by cost-benefit comparisons of different products over the duration of their planned use.


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