ABC Companies introduces the all new Van Hool CX 35-foot coach, a mid-sized version of the highly-popular Van Hool CX45. The new 35-foot model delivers some added benefits in addition to the durability, comfort and reliability operators expect from Van Hool.

“We believe the new CX 35 will deliver great quality and value,” says Jay Oakman, VP, ABC Commercial Group. The CX35 mirrors the CX45 in body design, components, drivability and more, and is in fact indistinguishable from the CX45 when viewed from the front and rear.

“The main difference is the side view of the bus,” says Louis Hotard, ABC director, technical services. “Its 10 feet shorter, but packs all the punch of the larger coach and offers major parts interchangeability with the CX45.”

Consistency, user-friendly design
The vehicles share a nearly identical design including an extensive array of common parts and components that can drive some high-value benefits to operators. A dramatic reduction in spare parts investment is an obvious advantage, but for operators that already run the Van Hool CX45 in their fleets, the need for driver training and mechanic training is greatly mitigated. The CX35 features the same driver’s area layout and control panel as the CX45 — allowing drivers to easily adapt to operating the smaller vehicle with minimal training. And, a familiar engine compartment layout similar to the CX45 will enable technicians to quickly and easily understand how to service the coach.

Manufactured at Van Hool’s new, modern plant in Macedonia, the CX35 is fabricated on the same production line as the CX45 to optimize product consistency between the two models. “Van Hool’s commitment to the new facility is really paying off for North American operators,” says Dane Cornell, CEO/chairman, ABC Companies. “By utilizing a dedicated CX-model production assembly line, Van Hool is focused on streamlining processes, improving quality and reducing production cycle time.”

With many exclusive features unique to the small-coach segment, the new Van Hool CX35 offers a truly user-friendly design.  Featuring front-to-rear flat passenger floor design, the coach’s 102-foot exterior width and full-size coach height offers a roomy and spacious cabin design, with no step-up throughout. The integrated A/C system translates to more luggage space below, plus a curved passenger entry is both aesthetically pleasing and offers the same uniform step height as the CX45 for passenger boarding. The CX35 also features a mid-ship wheelchair lift for ADA passengers.

Featuring front-to-rear flat passenger floor design, the coach’s 102-inch exterior width and full-size coach height offers a roomy and spacious cabin design, with no step-up throughout.

Featuring front-to-rear flat passenger floor design, the coach’s 102-inch exterior width and full-size coach height offers a roomy and spacious cabin design, with no step-up throughout.

“For operators who want all the creature comforts in a smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicle, we think the CX35 has it all,” states Tim Wayland, ABC Companies president/COO. “It maintains the upscale component that passengers expect, while allowing operators to cater to a new, smaller traveling segment. Collegiate sports team transport, executive limo service, employee shuttle operations — even overflow on tour and charter groups that overbook or undersold tours that simply don’t justify running a big bus — these are just a few of the ways our customers plan to utilize this new coach offering,” continues Wayland.

Common Parts Equal Major Savings
CX45/CX35 Interchangeable Parts including but not limited to:
• Windshields
• Headlamps
• Front and rear bumpers
• Drive axle
• Front axle
• Brakes, rotors and hubs
• Suspension parts
• Radiator and fan
• Tail lights
• Steering components
• Stepwell
• Rear engine door
• Entrance door
• Driver’s side glass
• Rear view mirrors
• Most passenger windows
• Restroom
• A/C Condenser and motors
• HVAC Evaporators and motors

Built-in, Turnkey Support
Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this new coach is the built-in aftersales support.

Like all new Van Hool equipment, the CX35 comes with a comprehensive OEM warranty support package via ABC’s CustomerCare program. Live, 24/7 support is available for technical troubleshooting and coach down roadside service coordination. ABC also provides technical field support and professional technical training at scheduled educational sessions and online. Service bulletins, webcasts, technical updates and more are also available at the company’s website,

ABC also offers comprehensive vehicle care, repairs and scheduled maintenance nationwide — with seven modern service locations staffed by knowledgeable and professional service managers, technicians and customer support personnel.

An expansive inventory of OEM and aftermarket parts is always available via the ABC Parts group — the nation’s largest independent parts supply chain for transit and motorcoach vehicles. Customers can receive a 2% savings on online orders and most parts ship within 24 hours, plus free ground shipping applies to orders exceeding $100 in the continental U.S.

Demand for the CX35 has been high with orders pending for delivery by the end of 2015 and into early 2016, according to the company.

Company Info
ABC Companies is a leading provider to the transportation industry with diverse product and service offerings that cover a full spectrum of operational needs including new and pre-owned full size highway coach equipment, mid-size shuttle transport vehicles and advanced design heavy-duty transit equipment. The company supports customers with a comprehensive aftersale service network for service and repairs, collision services, extensive OEM and quality aftermarket parts needs for transit, motorcoach and heavy-duty equipment from nine strategically placed locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Additionally, private and municipal financing and leasing options are available through the company’s financial services group — one of the largest financial service providers within the industry.