Acacia National Park in Maine operates propane-powered shuttle buses. PERC

Acacia National Park in Maine operates propane-powered shuttle buses.


During National Park and Recreation Month in July and throughout the 2019 summer season, millions of families across America will visit a U.S. national park. Visitors to Acadia National Park in Maine will have the opportunity to experience the park in new propane-powered buses.
The park's Island Explorer bus system is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer with the integration of 21 new propane-powered buses into the fleet. The Island Explorer is a fare-free transportation system linking hotels, campgrounds, and inns with destinations in Acadia National Park and area villages.

Since 1999, the bus system has carried more than 7.7 million passengers, reduced private automobile traffic by more than 2.9 million vehicles, and prevented the emission of an estimated 41 tons of smog-causing pollutants and 27,000 tons of greenhouse gases.

Acadia National Park joins other national parks like Zion National Park and Denali National Park & Preserve, which are now offering a cleaner, healthier, quieter and more environmentally-friendly way to see and experience our national parks thanks to the propane autogas-fueled fleet.

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