NJ TRANSIT will produce up to eight short-form videos highlighting accessibility accommodations on its rail, light rail, bus, and Access Link services available to transportation disadvantaged residents — older adults, low-income persons, people with disabilities, and veterans.

“Transportation plays a major part in one’s quality of life and the first step in gaining access to the transportation network is becoming familiar with the travel options and how to utilize them,” said NJ TRANSIT President/CEO Kevin Corbett. “I’m pleased we are offering this educational outreach so potential customers can feel more confident in opening the door to the transit system and enjoying the independence that transportation brings.”  

The videos will highlight enhancements NJ TRANSIT has made to its services in the last two decades and depict scenarios such as an introduction to the reduced fare program and how to use NJ TRANSIT’s smartphone app.

Each video will be available on the agency’s website as well as on social media channels. The videos will be shown at various travel training or outreach programs held across the state and will be available in seven languages.

As part of the project, NJ TRANSIT was awarded an Access and Mobility Partnership Grant from the Federal Transit Administration. NJ TRANSIT was awarded its full requested grant of $60,600. The agency is required to match $17,400 for a total project cost of $78,000. The project will be completed within the 18-month timeframe in accordance with the grant.

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