A look at some of the products and services on the show floor at this year's APTA Mobility Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, including offerings from REI, American Seating, VIX Technology, Freedman Seating, and Vapor.



REI's latest offering keeps passengers safe, entertained, and informed

Convenience, power, and versatility define REI’s MP-5000HD Digital Media Player with GPS and Priority/Safety Messaging. Its robustness is derived from a roster of features led by direction-based, GPS-triggered media playback, a keypad control option, a capacity to play up to five different strings of digital announcements, and external I/O triggering, which activates messages automatically when events like door openings occur.

The MP-5000HD is an affordable solution that helps keep passengers safe, entertained, and informed.

Additional features include:

  • True 1080p high-definition playback.
  • Priority message override.
  • DOT compliance logging.
  • AUX audio and video inputs to interface with existing entertainment systems.
  • Automatic and continuous playback.
  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Multilingual audio playback (requires separate multilingual media).
  • USB file transfers.

Applications for the MP-5000HD include:

  •  GPS-triggered media playback.
  • Multiple tours in multiple languages.
  • Passenger safety announcements.
  • Advertising – cross-promote trip tours and events.
  • Infotainment.
  • Scenic-tour videos.
  • Automatic and continuous-play announcements.
  • Stop/start priority messages with remote controls (KP-1000 Driver Controller required).

REI specializes in creating integrated, customized communication solutions for the global transportation industry. As an industry leader, REI designs, engineers, and manufactures transportation electronics at its U.S.-based headquarters and takes great pride in offering a solutions roster with more than 2,000 products.

The company’s products are backed with REI’s 24/7/365 Technical Support and an outstanding Warranty and Warranty Exchange Program. 

Clever Devices

Clever Devices

Clever Devices’ scheduling solution simplifies, optimizes planning

Clever Devices’ MTRAM Suite by M.A.I.O.R is an integrated scheduling solution that simplifies and optimizes transportation planning, scheduling, rostering, daily management and data analysis to ensure creation of reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services.

The MTRAM Scheduling algorithm can reduce the total number of blocks and runs required to perform your service; allows you to simulate scenarios by manipulating your inputs in a virtual “sandbox” to uncover possible added efficiencies and even more significant cost savings.

Other features include graphical or tabular timetable views; ability to create optimized runs; and the system also considers adherence to labor agreements and agency policies.  


Freedman Seating

Freedman Seating

Freedman commuter seat features space-saving thin back cushion

Designed for vanpool and other commercial use, the new Commuter Seat by Freedman Seating is lightweight, attractive, comfortable, and safe. Engineered and tested in the U.S., it is FMVSS-compliant with all regulations including 202A, 225, 207, and 210. The Commuter Seat highlights the company’s most space-saving features to date with a thin back cushion for more hip-to-knee room. Safety is Freedman’s priority, so the Commuter Seat is available standard with three-point shoulder belts, standard with switchable KISI ALR for securing removable child seats. Customize any order with recliners, USB outlets, armrests, and a variety of in-stock fabric or vinyl.

Upgrade your Ford™ Transit Wagon interior. New transition brackets developed by Freedman Seating make it possible to install Freedman three-point and FMS Eleganza seats onto existing Ford legs in a variety of floor plan configurations. FMVSS tested with three-point seat belts, this new system allows operators, dealers and OEMs to upgrade their Ford Transit Wagon interior while using existing OEM legs and floor tracks. This product is currently available for Ford Transit Wagons. Medium and High roof models only. See the Commuter Seat with Transition Brackets and Ford legs at the APTA Mobility Conference, booth #532.

The company, which is marking its 125th anniversary this year, has gone through sizeable increases in revenue, workforce, and space in the 21st century. Global partnerships, new markets, and lean manufacturing have made Freedman Seating one of the world’s largest specialty seating manufacturers serving OEMs, dealers, operators, and government agencies. A team of nearly 1,000 employees work out of two facilities, one in in Chicago and the other in Rochester, Indiana (dba Freedman Mobility Seating) along with sales representation across the U.S. Today’s headquarters is in Chicago. Once home to Motorola, the company’s 500,000-square-foot office and factory has an extensive history of manufacturing.  

Vix Technology looks to make ticketing easier, more convenient

A global provider of transport ticketing, Vix Technology has been designing, delivering, and maintaining advanced fare collection (AFC) solutions for 30 years. The company’s goal is to make it easier and more convenient for transit riders to pay fares, while enabling transport agencies to provide a better customer journey for their passengers.

Vix has partnered with customers in more than 200 cities around the world and continues to innovate with the recent launch of its fourth-generation AFC solution built on the Vix Pulse product.

Systems built on Vix’s product have a fully integrated account-based solution that:

  • Feature a rich suite of APIs.
  • Fully support multimodal and multi-agency.
  • Are flexible to support diverse methods of payment, including contactless credit and debit, mobile tickets, employee or student identification, QR codes, and more.

These systems provide:
Full Service AFC - Vix builds turnkey solutions for its customers that give transit agencies a fully-integrated fare payment system. In addition to an account-based solution built on Pulse, these customers benefit from a suite of hardware including vending machines, validators, fare enforcement, a customer service call center, and an established retail network. Riders can choose from a variety of payment media, including contactless EMV and integrated student ID cards and benefit from innovative fare policies, including fare capping and distance-based fares.

Flexibility through Mobility - Vix Pulse allows customers to offer increased mobility to their riders. The integrated solution will include a fully integrated mobile app and provide payment solutions across multimodal platforms, such as paratransit, microtransit, TNCs, bike-shares, and smart parking, to support first- and last-mile services with a seamless payment experience.

Open Payment & Contactless EMV - With Vix Pulse comes tap-on and tap-off functionality for transport agencies using Visa and Mastercard contactless cards including Apple, Google, and Samsung Pay. Agencies using the solution can support daily and weekly fare capping and zonal fares, offering their customers greater flexibility and a more cost-effective way to ride. 



Vapor’s compact door system speeds passenger boarding

Vapor introduces a robust, space-saving passenger door system. A sliding plug geometry design provides a wide door opening for faster passenger loading and unloading.

A high-efficiency, electric-drive system provides smooth, quiet operation, and requires no lubrication. The actuator mechanism is compact and lightweight for easy installation, access, and serviceability. Features include a smart, electronic controller to ensure consistent door open-and-close speeds, while superior door edge seals eliminate conditioned air loss and blocks out external dust and noise.

Vapor is the primary door equipment supplier to the North American transit bus industry. Its mission is to design and build the most innovative door equipment with every consideration for reliability and safety. Vapor equipment is designed, engineered, and thoroughly tested to meet or exceed specifications and requirements. 

American Seating

American Seating

American Seating product mixes ergonomic design with tech

American Seating’s INSIGHT-PRIME+® and INSIGHT-PRIME® were first
introduced to the market in 2016 and have seen tremendous success with over 200% year-over-year growth in bus sets sold. These seats are in buses from Boston to Buffalo and St. Louis to Calgary, as well as  many other cities across North America. The INSIGHT® product family is unique in the marketplace as it was completely designed in the U.S. to meet the needs of the North American population and culture. Six key performance advantages set the INSIGHT solutions apart from the competition.

Superior Ergonomics: INSIGHT’s more relaxed seat and back angles with softer contours create a superior ergonomic shape over other seats on the market. But don’t take their word for it, try it on for size.

Smart Simplicity: INSIGHT-PRIME and INSIGHT-PRIME+ are the ultimate in smart simplicity. With only three upper components and five bolts for a typical two-pass transverse seat assembly, they are virtually maintenance free.

Integrated Technology: The latest integrated technology is the INSIGHT rear access USB port that brings the power higher up and centrally located for easy user access with completely hidden wire management.       

Inherently Clean: INSIGHT-PRIME and INSIGHT-PRIME+ are the most inherently clean due to their unique one-piece module design without any cracks or hollow areas to collect unsanitary gunk.

Lighter Weight: INSIGHT-PRIME and INSIGHT-PRIME+ eliminate the need for added back panels and additional assembly hardware for grab rails and multi-part assemblies found on other seats, thus reducing weight.

Rider Preferred: A major North American transit authority conducted a blind customer study with the most popular seats on the market and the INSIGHT family of seating rated far and away the highest in both comfort and aesthetics. 

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