CHK America Inc. spun off its digital products division into a separate entity, Connectpoint® Inc., in response to increasing demand for the first-to-market suite of digital solar-powered products from transit agencies across the U.S.

Established in 1999, CHK America is an authority in wayfinding strategies, with a team of researchers, developers, designers, and engineers dedicated to communicating complex public transportation customer information. The announcement was made by Rick Wood, CEO and president of both CHK America, which he founded in 1999, and Connectpoint®.

Connectpoint’s suite of solar-powered, ePaper digital signage products broadcast real-time arrivals, alert messaging, and customized campaigns. Comprised of E Ink’s ePaper digital displays, Connectpoint’s suite of products are readable even in direct sunlight, and with solar power, require no electrical infrastructure. This attribute allows the products to be deployed at bus stops, 99.9% of which have no electrical power.

“Sustainable, easy-to-read, real-time digital signage is in line with transportation agencies’ Smart Transit initiatives across the U.S. and our product range has been embraced enthusiastically by multiple agencies across the U.S.,” said Wood. “Real-time information helps today’s transit riders navigate their journeys on a minute-by-minute basis, resulting in a better overall customer experience that increases ridership.”

Connectpoint® Digital Bus Stop® offers “ground breaking technology” via solar-powered, real-time departure and schedule information as well as service alerts. These “smart city” digital signs are equipped with ePaper displays that provide crystal-clear readability any hour of the day or night. Connectpoint’s Digital Bus Stop® signs are easy to install, can be retrofitted to your existing bus stops or shelters and managed remotely via our content management system, CPAM.

Connectpoint® Asset Management (CPAM) is a device agnostic system that can manage all digital signage and integrates seamlessly with GTFS RT or GTFS. With CPAM you can provide real-time arrivals and alerts as well as additional service information such as maps, schedules, advertising all from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Solar-powered Connectpoint® SmartStop® features two 13-inch Digital Bus Stops at the top of the pylon, each can be placed on opposing sides. It also contains a 10-inch high visibility interactive tablet which distills complex route information into wayfinding messages that users can easily read and understand. The SmartStop® integrates with tracking and location systems, scheduling systems, and other agency information systems allowing agencies to provide more comprehensive information to their customers, including a custom route planning feature that is available to passengers by simply entering their destination. Texting and email options are also included for easy transfer to a mobile device.

The web-enabled Connectpoint® Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk has a digital, dual-monitor, solution tool that integrates with tracking and location systems, scheduling systems, and other agency information systems, allowing agencies to provide comprehensive information to their customers. Touchscreen technology in the Connectpoint® Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks with its 55-ich monitors allow for intuitive interaction with the information to explore transit options and to create specific routes, including an overview of the entire route, next departure times for every stop in the system as well as detailed local mapping for each stop. In addition, the 32-inch top monitor provides the agency a space to deploy agency messages or advertising campaigns.

The kiosks also provide trip-planning tools that include detailed travel directions for public transportation, cars, bicycling, and walking. Texting and email options are also included for easy transfer to a mobile device.

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