GoLink provides customers personalized curb-to-curb service anywhere within a zone. DART

GoLink provides customers personalized curb-to-curb service anywhere within a zone.


Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is introducing new “Go” services designed to offer riders flexible transit options. Powered by technology, these new services include app based trip-planning and ticketing, microtransit, and dynamic carpooling.

“DART is focused on evolving public transportation to a more customized experience,” said Chief Marketing Officer Nevin Grinnell. “Our new Go services are aimed at improving the customer experience by making it easier for our riders to get where they need to go on DART.”

In May 2018, DART rolled out a more robust version of its GoPass mobile ticketing application. A major new feature is the cash-to-mobile option for buying tickets. At hundreds of DFW area retail locations, customers can load value onto their GoPass app account using cash. Customers then used that stored value, held in a digital wallet within the app, to purchase tickets for DART, Trinity Railway Express, Trinity Metro, or Denton County Transportation Authority.

The enhanced app also offers more robust travel tools, including real-time trip planning.

Future enhancements to the app will also include more seamless integration with ride-sharing services, including bikes and shared vehicles.

The agency is currently testing a new shared-ride service known as GoLink. This microshuttle combines the low cost of public transportation with the convenience and technology of ride-sourcing. GoLink provides customers personalized curb-to-curb service anywhere within a zone. There are currently three zones in Plano, a suburb of Dallas, and three zones in southern Dallas.

Customers request a GoLink ride through the TapRide mobile app and can track the location of the shuttle bus, like they can with private ride-sharing services.

DART hopes to reach new customers who live or work in areas that aren’t served by public transit by introducing a dynamic carpooling service: GoPool. Unlike static carpooling, where commuters must find people in advance to share a trip, dynamic carpooling uses technology to arrange one-time shared rides on short notice through a mobile app. Commuters who want to reduce travel costs but don’t have access to DART service can use GoPool to find the ideal ride companion — someone who lives and works nearby and shares a similar work schedule.

The agency is in the early stages of a pilot test of GoPool. DART is working with companies in target areas to assess if it is a viable mobility solution for their employees.

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