Stratio Automotive is setting up projects with OEMs and Coachbuilders, helping them leverage the impact artificial intelligence and advanced data engineering have on their overall company performance.

Almost all heavy-duty vehicle systems are electronically controlled nowadays. These systems generate data, which allows for their condition and the condition of the vehicle to be measured in real-time. As of today, vehicles are subjected to extensive testing while in development, but once they leave the factory few data is collected and used, and this is when vehicle data becomes the most important, as it allows an exact analysis of the behavior of the vehicle and its different systems and components in different geographies, under different usage patterns, and operational environments.

Aiming to solve this important industry gap, Stratio Automotive built an automotive-grade equipment, compatible with all the different vehicle communication protocols, which collects in real-time, from operating commercial vehicles, an unparallel amount of data from all its sensors, in the different systems: motor, gearbox, transmission, brakes, suspension, climate, doors, etc. Over 250,000 unique data points are collected per vehicle, per day.

Proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms are then used to work the vehicle sensor data, and extract predictions — measuring and benchmarking components' performance, and detecting wear and faults before they happen.

Stratio works with vehicle manufacturers, as a technology arm for Artificial Intelligence development, to solve engineering challenges — system and components performance and benchmark — and enable manufacturers to explore new warranty and customer relationship opportunities.

“Stratio’s Artificial Intelligence supports manufacturers in their task to create increasingly predictable and reliable vehicles. Offering clear advantages for their customers with increased uptime and operational predictability,” said Ricardo Margalho, Stratio’s CEO.