Over the last 37 years since its inception, Creative Bus Sales has grown to become the nation’s largest dealership for buses and now, the company wants to become the household name in the bus industry across the transit and retail markets it serves. The game plan to achieve this is through better pricing, fast fulfillment, and flexible financing, a suite of propositions difficult to achieve for most distributorships.
Partnering with Manufacturers Means Better Pricing and Faster Delivery:
In the bus industry, it is not common to find a distributor who can meet both a customer’s standards and their budget at the same time. To offer its customers premium service at great value, Creative Bus Sales has had to build an industry leadership position that gives it considerable significance with the manufacturers. By forging strong relationships with over 20 manufacturers, Creative is able to provide fast delivery and lower pricing to serve the transit and retail markets with a wide variety of vehicles ranging from custom built buses to alternative fuel options.

Manufacturers routinely consult the company during their product development processes to leverage Creative’s customer and product insight. One example is ARBOC, a pioneer in low-floor vehicles, whose transit bus products are being distributed exclusively by Creative Bus Sales. Its latest introduction, the Equess (pictured), has been designed with input from Creative Bus Sales as a lighter weight, quiet, and efficient transit option that is uniquely durable.  

Most Buses Means Better Service:
Experience meeting customer needs makes Creative Bus Sales an authority on product requirements for corporate, educational, and government fleets. With the largest amount of buses on the road, Creative Bus Sales is among the first to become aware of any product issues that arise and can therefore address them immediately through their dedicated nationwide service network.
In-House Financing Means Flexible Options:  
Creative’s in-house financing program has a captive structure, which gives it the final say on all credit decisions instead of referring to a bank. This allows Creative to easily meet customer requirements as well as provide seamless transactions.

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