TransLoc announced a partnership with Google to ensure accurate public transit information is efficiently integrated onto Google Maps at no cost to the public transit agency. This partnership is built on TransLoc Architect, a free web application for transit agencies of all sizes to manage and share transit data.

“Google Maps is one of the most popular applications for transit information on the internet,” said TransLoc CEO Doug Kaufman. “That said, it’s normally time and labor intensive for transit agencies to manage large volumes of real-time data for applications like Google Maps. This partnership allows transit agencies of all sizes to tap into big data and better understand community-based transit needs while increasing ridership.”

The partnership allows TransLoc to manage larger volumes of real-time transit information for agencies. The company can also manage the creation and maintenance of static transit data for applications, such as routes and stops, called General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) information. GTFS and real-time information has typically required some level of technical expertise or expensive software. TransLoc Architect tackles this complex, laborious process with a visual and simplified platform that anyone can use.

Architect makes maintaining error-free public transit information simple for all agencies, while vastly improving access to public transit information for riders, according to TransLoc. With more robust information, smart cities can harness Architect to develop community-based transit options such as on-demand microtransit services.