Global fire suppression manufacturer Firetrace International can now offer an entire family of UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) R107 approved systems for buses and motorcoaches. A significant development for the bus industry, this complete collection of systems affords manufacturers the flexibility they have been looking for in system placement.

Firetrace’s UNECE R107 was granted by the Swedish Transport Agency after a thorough evaluation of various Firetrace systems by the RISE research institute in Sweden. The process to achieve UNECE R107 status is rigorous and methodical, with the technical requirements based on internationally accepted standards and the testing of systems against multiple worst-case scenario incidents.

This latest listing is in addition to Firetrace’s extensive line-up of internationally recognized P-Mark approved systems. Firetrace also offers proven single cylinder solutions that can accommodate engine enclosures of up to 6m³, the maximum upscale allowed under SPCR 183.

These Firetrace systems are the smallest, lightest and simplest systems to achieve UNECE R107, using as little as 10 lbs. of agent and just four nozzles.

With a dramatically smaller footprint than competitors’ systems, they enable far easier installation within the cramped confines of a bus engine compartment. In addition, Firetrace provides enhanced design flexibility, with approved 20 lb. and 22 lb. systems that allow extended options in cylinder placement and discharge network design.

The Firetrace systems also qualified at the bus manufacturer preferred -40C, which none of the liquid mist or foam-based fire suppression systems have achieved.

All of the Firetrace UNECE system variants and components are available for immediate shipment.