The Spirit of America (SOA), a low-floor trolley distributed exclusively by Specialty Vehicles, is complete and finished its maiden drive south to the state of Florida. For two weeks, the trolley traveled the southern portion of the state visiting Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Orlando.

The trolley was greatly received and admired by many city officials and private companies who are interested in the low-floor style, authentic aesthetics, and medium-duty transit capabilities.

“People were most impressed with the two rooftop 100,000 BTU air conditioners, the ease of ramp operation and the kneeling capability,” added Nancy Munoz, Specialty Vehicles CEO, who traveled with the SOA during its debut.

The Altoona-tested Spirit of America Trolley is manufactured by ARBOC Specialty Vehicles in Middlebury, Ind., and is backed by Freightliner Custom Chassis. It is easily serviced and has unparalleled reliability, which makes it the best choice for a low floor trolley in any fleet of vehicles.

The unmatched floor plan flexibility offers up to 37 passengers and six wheelchair positions. Featuring a single-level floor and no entry step, this trolley is equally accessible for all passengers. Most importantly, the dedicated low floor chassis is not modified during the manufacturing and comes with a full Freightliner chassis warranty, according to the company.

Staff Writer

Staff Writer