School Bus Safety Co. (SBSC) is adding several new services and products to its portfolio of offerings, the company announced on Thursday.

Under the SBSC banner, the company will now provide tailored safety compliance audits and conduct on-site driver file reviews and safety training leadership programs for drivers and trainers. SBSC said that it will review and identify the highest at-risk areas within a school district’s or contractor’s safety and training process, and ensure that all federal and state procedures are in place.

“Having worked with over 3,000 school districts and numerous contractors, I have an extensive background selling safety and training content and have found the gap prohibiting success to be the execution of utilizing the content,” said Jeff Cassell, president of SBSC. “By adding our new suite of services, we will be able to close this gap and optimize the implementation of the content.”

Cassell said that as an independent third party, the company will review driver files to ensure that driving history records and criminal background checks have been completed.

“Our programs will assure school board members and other officials that the proper hiring procedures have been followed as well as reviewing and documenting the training processes,” he added. “School board members need to be confident they are in compliance, and to have an independent review is prudent. Districts and contractors that aren’t compliant can potentially find themselves in serious trouble.”

SBSC established itself as a provider of school bus driver safety and training programs. Through its catalog of DVDs and new online learning management system, the company has more than 100 modules available.

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