ABC Companies partnered with select vendors to create a one-of-a-kind prototype coach that will be on display at UMA 2017 in St. Louis, Mo., Feb. 27 to March 1.

“We want to get operators excited about future technology, and demonstrate the amazing tech features that are currently in development from the world’s leading suppliers,” said Jay Oakman, ABC’s VP/commercial operations.

Equipped to take coach design to an extreme level, the Van Hool NextGen FX concept coach is the only one of its kind and integrates both practical and futuristic passenger and driver features in a fully-loaded, tech-driven prototype, according to the company. The concept coach is built on a two-door Van Hool TX45 model, and offers visitors a multi-zoned floor plan where they can experience an expansive array of new and emerging technologies. Each designated zone showcases cutting-edge systems — from intelligent driver’s controls to infotainment platforms that integrate virtual reality and gaming stations, surround sound, and more.

“Clearly, not all of these options are available today, but operators can take advantage of many practical technologies and upgrades that will also be featured,” said ABC’s Chief Commercial Officer Roman Cornell.

“The NextGen FX concept merges our team’s pragmatic and creative thinking,” added ABC’s CEO Dane Cornell. “It epitomizes the imagination of the innovative culture within ABC.” The company hopes to demonstrate to visitors how future-thinking ideas shown aboard the NextGen FX prototype today can be solid building blocks for commercial success tomorrow, according to Cornell.

Expo attendees can pre-register to tour the Van Hool FX concept coach during UMA Expo 2017 at ABC Booth #1635. Click here to sign up.