Metro GM Paul J. Wiedefeld announced a new partnership with the federal General Services Administration (GSA) to lower the rate Metro pays for electricity used within the District of Columbia.  

Beginning in July 2017 and extending through November 2021, WMATA’s Pepco D.C. accounts will be added to GSA’s existing electricity supply contract with Direct Energy. The partnership lowers Metro’s electricity supply rate within the District, and is expected to save the authority more than $1 million per year compared with existing supply rates. These kinds of costs savings and efficiencies are factored into the GM’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal.

"When it comes to running Metro as efficiently as we can, we are leaving no stone unturned," Wiedefeld said. "Every dollar matters, and I extend our thanks to the General Services Administration for their partnership."

Metro is also conducting an authority-wide Energy Audit to identify areas where savings can be achieved, while continuing to pursue sustainable energy initiatives. Recent sustainability projects implemented at WMATA include the installation of improved garage lighting that has increased safety at 25 parking facilities while reducing energy use by more than two-thirds, a pilot of new high-efficiency switch heaters on Metro’s tracks, and an ongoing effort to upgrade lighting in Metro station mezzanines and platforms with brighter, energy efficient LED fixtures.

Metro’s Energy Audit, which is expected to be released this summer, will recommend additional investments in sustainability that can reduce energy use and associated costs.