Oceanside, Calif.’s North County Transit District (NCTD) is one step closer to the full implementation of positive train control (PTC) on their system. After reaching the required level of installation and testing, NCTD was able to file an application with the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) to begin Revenue Service Demonstration (RSD) with PTC.

“This filing is a major milestone in our ongoing work to bring this technology to NCTD,” said Deputy Chief Operations Officer, Rail Systems, Eric Roe. “Implementing a system as complex as this does not happen overnight. But, with that complexity comes a great leap forward in greater rail safety.”

PTC is a system that helps to prevent human error from causing train accidents. The technology monitors train locations and is able to step in to stop a train when a potential accident could occur due to inattention, or crew inability.

NCTD expects to receive a response to their application from the FRA within 60 days. Upon receiving approval, NCTD will move forward with RSD, the next step in the regulatory process.

RSD entails operating revenue (passenger carrying) COASTER trains with PTC in operation. RSD allows NCTD to collect data on the behavior of the system under normal railroad operational conditions, and allows the railroad to collect required data to support assertions made in the PTC Safety Plan.

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