Michael Kurras

Michael Kurras

Amtrak’s Acela Express customers can now enjoy “vastly improved” Wi-Fi service through AmtrakConnect, with increased bandwidth and speeds up to six times faster providing improved, more reliable onboard connectivity at no extra charge.

The newly-implemented Wi-Fi solution involves the replacement of six-year-old technology that has been in service since 2010. The upgraded technology allows Amtrak to incorporate higher-speed train-to-ground backhaul technologies, laying the foundation for further enhancements to the onboard customer experience.

“This advanced technology solution shifts our onboard Wi-Fi experience into high gear, providing our Acela Express customers with a more satisfying and productive experience throughout their journey,” said Lenetta McCampbell, sr. director, passenger experience, at Amtrak. “After thorough testing, we are confident this upgrade will provide a significantly improved service from the moment our customers board the train to the moment they arrive at their destination.”

This improvement represents the first phase of Amtrak’s multi-year program aimed at providing a next-generation Wi-Fi experience for our customers. With installation of the new onboard Wi-Fi solution complete on Acela Express trains, Amtrak is now working to implement the upgrades on the remainder of the Northeast Corridor fleet, including all Northeast Regional trains.

The second phase involves continued construction of Amtrak’s dedicated trackside wireless network, which could ultimately stretch from Washington, D.C. to Boston and would reduce reliance on cellular-based networks.

“Experience has shown that our customers will continue to place a significant and growing demand on high-bandwidth onboard Wi-Fi service,” McCampbell said. “These innovative solutions highlight our continued commitment to delivering the very best Wi-Fi service in terms of capacity, performance, and operational reliability.”

Earlier this year, Amtrak expanded the availability of its Wi-Fi service, AmtrakConnect, to several eastern long-distance trains including the Cardinal, Crescent, Lake Shore Limited, and Silver Service, as well as the Auto Train last fall.