Alstom is to design and supply the new generation of metros for the French territory of Greater Lyon. The binding part of the order includes the delivery of 30 metros for an amount of $152 million dollars. This first order may be extended through an exercise of options for up to 18 metros. The first four metros will enter service throughout 2019 on line B of the Lyon metro network.

The contract, which is part of the SYTRAL’s “Avenir Métro 2020” (Future Metro 2020) program, aims to increase the transport capacity of lines A, B and D of the Lyon metro. Ridership is estimated to increase 30% over the next few years.

Based on Alstom’s rubber-tired metro solutions and client feedback, the new metros will use the latest advances in technology to increase availability, accessibility, passenger information, and to facilitate maintenance. Approximately 117 feet long, every metro will be able to transport up to 325 passengers. Environmentally friendly, the new metros for Lyon will be eco-designed and will be 96% recyclable. The railcars will also be equipped entirely with an electrical braking system, LED lighting, and other innovations which the company estimates will lead to a 25% reduction in energy usage. 

Six of Alstom’s sites in France are involved in the design and development of the new Lyon metro: Valenciennes for the design, internal layout, assembly, testing and certification of the metros; Saint-Ouen for the coordination of the design; Ornans for the motors; Le Creusot for the bogies (trucks); Tarbes for the traction and Villeurbanne for the onboard I.T. systems, passenger information systems and predictive maintenance. Alstom has also called on the Lyon designer Fabrice Pouille (10-6 design) to come up with the design of the new trams.