San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) Chairman of the Board Tom Nolan and Shirley Harris, public board member of San Carlos, Calif.’s SamTrans, have been named APTA’s Outstanding Public Transportation Board Members.

Nolan was first appointed to the SFMTA’s board in 2006, before being elected chairman in 2009. He also served two full terms as a member of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors and is a former member of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, the SamTrans Board and the Caltrain Joint Powers Board. Over the years, Nolan has advocated for the extension of the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) rail system into San Mateo County and the San Francisco International Airport, as well as led the charge to acquire the 52-mile Southern Pacific (SP) rail corridor connecting the City and County of San Francisco and San Jose.

Harris was appointed to the SamTrans board of directors in 1994 and has been involved with many of the agency’s important projects. “One of SamTrans’ greatest accomplishments during my tenure on the board has been the expansion of mobility options for our customers, including partnering with BART to extend the rail line to the San Francisco International Airport and the Mobility Ambassador Program, which introduces seniors and people with disabilities to the wide variety of transit options offered,” she says.

Harris also served as commissioner on three Daly City Commissions and on several nonprofit boards dedicated to improving the lives of women and children. She is a long-time member of WTS and the Conference of Minority Transportation Officials. She was also appointed to the Leadership APTA Committee as chair in 2002, serving on the committee for 12 years.