Norfolk, Neb.’s Arrow Stage Lines has been notably advancing the design of its motorcoaches over the course of the last four years, with its product design team dedicated to leveraging new engineering and design ideas to help elevate not only the appearance of the company’s motorcoaches, but also the charter bus customer experience.

Recently, MCI delivered five new 2016 MCI J4500 motorcoaches equipped with the company’s next generation seating solution. The Kiel seating option delivers increased legroom, while also maximizing passenger comfort.

“The Kiel seat has been a great option for our passengers,” said Arrow Stage Lines’ COO, Luke Busskohl. “The new MCI generations of our motorcoaches all include this seating option.”

The ambient lighting is immaculate in the new MCI’s as well. Blue LED lights eliminate the stainless steel runners that accent the ceiling and parcel racks. The new motorcoaches include two seat color variations and provide a new backing material, providing for a much better passenger experience. Each seat is equipped with tray tables, aisle handle grips and seat belts.

Arrow Stage Lines also slightly altered the normal color palette and has released a blacked-out motorcoach with gold accents. This is the only coach of its kind in the Arrow Stage Lines’ fleet, today.

“It is important that our team is always trying something new,” said Busskohl. “We pride ourselves on providing excellent service, while also delivering an amazing experience. That all starts from the time the coach arrives.”

The new Arrow Stage Lines’ MCI J4500s will be located in the company’s Phoenix; Kansas City, Mo.; and Omaha, Neb. locations.

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