TransLoc, a transportation technology platform, announced it will provide approximately 1.5 million students across 87 U.S. colleges access to safer and more reliable transportation during the 2016-2017 school year. TransLoc’s university customers will use transit management tools that allow campuses to meet their safety goals and give students confidence in their transportation options at all times. The company also released the initial results of a pilot program for its OnDemand platform, which brings the convenience of ridesharing apps to campus buses.

TransLoc’s expansion includes new and existing partnerships with the University of Tennessee, Colgate University, New York University, Emory University, Louisiana State University, Texas Christian University and the University of Kentucky. These universities will use various combinations of the RealTime/Rider, OnDemand and Traveler platforms, which display real-time vehicle locations, provide on-demand shuttle services and collect data about rider preferences, respectively. This user-friendly software suite provides the data universities need to make informed decisions about changing routes, adjusting timing and adding vehicles at high-ridership times. TransLoc’s software platforms work together to create thriving transportation networks with a superior experience and increase ridership without expending more resources.

“Student safety is paramount. Partnering with TransLoc, we've deployed on-demand campus shuttle buses late at night so that students can travel safely,” said Kim Jackson, director, transportation and parking services at Princeton University.

The company also recently completed an initial trial of its OnDemand platform at 17 U.S. colleges. OnDemand allows riders to request on-the-spot, late-night transit, bringing Uber-like convenience to on-campus buses. The platform facilitated 100,000 rides in less than a year. The company plans to make OnDemand widely available in Q4 of 2016.