American Logistics Co. LLC (ALC), a national passenger transportation management company serving transit agencies and the healthcare industry, is partnering with Lyft, to provide on-demand Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) and paratransit services.

“When it comes to NEMT and paratransit, it can be challenging to provide both timely and reliable transportation, especially on same-day requests and will-call returns,” said Craig Puckett, president, ALC. “In many cases, the long wait times actually prevent people from taking advantage of the services, causing them to postpone medical appointments or skip them altogether. By teaming with Lyft, we are now able to leverage their extensive network of drivers on their platform in the regions we serve across the United States, to provide timely and reliable on-demand transportation services.”

ALC provides health plans and government agencies with wheelchair, gurney, door-to-door and curb-to-curb transportation services. As part of its collaboration with Lyft, on-demand NEMT and paratransit trips will be scheduled through the ALC dispatch center, which will then dispatch the trip directly to a Lyft driver in real-time. The ALC dispatch center can also help clients book Lyft trips in advance, validate client eligibility and validate the requested destination.

ALC began partnering with Lyft to provide NEMT and paratransit services in June 2016. “We are pleased to now be able to provide our clients with easy access to Lyft rides for their NEMT and paratransit trips, and we look forward to seeing our customer satisfaction with will-call returns and same day trips reach new heights at a result of this alliance,” said Puckett.