Q'Straint’s Quantum automatic rear-facing wheelchair securement station is designed to international standards, built with transportation industry-standard technologies and is ideal for both new fleet or retrofit applications, according to the company. Beyond safety and durability, the Quantum was also designed with aesthetics in mind: the Quantum's appearance is unimposing and approachable, making it a thoughtful addition to any modern bus.

In addition to reduced dwell times and increased passenger safety, Quantum also features the following:

  • Rear-Facing Wheelchair Position - Rear-facing is the preferred wheelchair transportation method in many developed countries.
  • Designed for Compatibility - Quantum meets all applicable wheelchair regulations internationally, including the new ISO 10542 for rear-facing securement.
  • Optional Backrest - Available with backrest or works in conjunction with current backrests.
  • Low Maintenance - Entire system has been engineered to simplify and minimize maintenance over a lifetime of many thousands of cycles.
  • Built to Last - Rubber retaining arms specifically selected to maintain grip through many seasons of use; stainless steel framework withstands the harshest environments.