Ohio’s Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) was awarded $361, 807 from the Diesel Mitigation Trust Fund to cover some of the cost for two electric-powered vehicles.

The Diesel Mitigation Trust Fund is through the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and it helps fund projects in Ohio to replace or repower eligible on-road vehicles and off-road fleets and equipment.

A total of $13 million in grants will be awarded to 41 entities, including more than a dozen Ohio school districts, to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions from diesel vehicles and equipment.

Over the years, the agency has prided itself on finding ways to operate green facilities and fleets through new construction and innovative fuel initiatives. The addition of electric vehicles is in line with TARTA’s continued efforts to reduce its environmental footprint.

In 2011, TARTA was certified a one-star level fleet and is recognized as one of the 100 Ohio Green Fleets. Since then, electric vehicle technology has advanced so much that the cost of one is estimated to be less than that of a diesel vehicle, resulting in cost savings.

Ohio EPA estimates this year’s grants will remove 49.8 tons of nitrogen oxide and 23.3 tons of other air pollutants annually.

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