<p>CoachRail works toward this goal by constantly updating their software to meet customer needs.</p>

CoachRail released a major update of its mobile app to help coach operators effortlessly manage their business on the go. The upgraded software now includes smart dispatch, an easy-to-use quote-generation tool, and the ability to track drivers while they are on the road, all from a smartphone.

“CoachRail is today’s transportation software for today’s transportation companies,” said Christopher Roan, CoachRail’s director, customer success. “Our promise has always been to bring something completely new and yet very simple to use to this market that the competition, quite simply, couldn’t compete with.”

CoachRail works toward this goal by constantly updating their software to meet customer needs. As of the newest update, CoachRail helps users:

  • Assign drivers and vehicles and automatically see those changes reflected on a graphic, easy-to-read dispatch calendar--no need to use Google Sheets, Excel, or other apps.
  • Track trips using GPS so they always know where their drivers are and can convey that information to customers (a feature rarely seen in fleet management software).
  • Create and send customized quotes much more quickly than they can with any other software.
  • View all quotes and reservations in one place.
  • Dynamic pricing based on the season, the day, and utilization.
  • Access a nationwide selection of potential new business.
  • Store all their business information in the cloud so nothing will get lost between devices and they can work on the go.

Many of these features, such as tracking, dispatch, and dynamic pricing, were requested specifically by CoachRail’s customers. As Roan noted, “Our customers make the CoachRail app better than the competition. Rather than us guessing what they need, they tell us.”

Roan specifically credits customers for CoachRail’s decision to add two forms of tracking: tracking that operates completely through the mobile app and tracking that is integrated with electronic logging devices (ELD). Since some companies wanted integration with ELDs but others did not use them, CoachRail was modified “to serve either strategy with ease,” in Roan’s words.

CoachRail has also added a smart dispatch system that stands out because of its degree of automation. When users assign a driver and a vehicle within the app, the dispatch calendar will instantly resolve scheduling conflicts. Motorcoach companies will no longer have to worry about accidentally overbooking a driver or vehicle.

CoachRail’s all-inclusive quoting tool reflects the importance of customer feedback too. When you are ready to create a quote, the quote-generation tool will automatically calculate rates, which can be adjusted based on utilization and demand data.

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