New Passio App Addresses COVID-Driven Rise in On-Demand Transportation
New Passio App Addresses COVID-Driven Rise in On-Demand Transportation

Joe, a disabled senior, needs to book a ride to the doctor this week. In the past, Joe would either need to call himself, or he’d have to contact the local mobility manager who would then have to call the local paratransit provider. Now, thanks to Passio’s newest application, Passio Connect Rider™, Joe can request a ride right from his phone or computer, while enjoying access to a host of other functions.

In our new COVID-centric world, demand for paratransit and NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transport) services are growing rapidly. Atlanta transit technology firm, Passio Technologies recently announced Passio Connect Rider, which promises to make it easier for those needing transportation services to connect to transportation providers.

Connect Rider, is part of the family of products from ParaPlan Software, which was purchased by Passio in May 2019. Tim Hibbard, VP, Development & Innovation at Passio & former CEO of ParaPlan Software, noted “The acquisition of ParaPlan Software, including Connect Rider, enabled us to expand our paratransit/NEMT solutions to include online reservations.”

According to Hibbard, riders can book rides by phone, adding, “For more tech-savvy seniors and their likely younger caretakers, the app makes the process far easier. Connect Rider saves their profile information, further simplifying future ride requests to just a few simple steps.”

Connect Rider is easy to use and simple to navigate, with large fonts, bright text, and built-in support for screen readers. According to Passio, Connect Rider accommodates two types of ride requests: direct requests from riders, and requests from authorized mobility managers. Dispatchers use Passio Connect Dispatch to approve, cancel, or renegotiate requests.

Connect Rider also helps boost providers’ professionalism in the eyes of their riders, explains Hibbard, “Providers have the option of creating accounts for their riders, or allowing riders to manage the signup process themselves, using a simple sign-up form branded with the agency’s name, logo, and colors.”

Hibbard highlights the “peace-of-mind” benefits of the solution, noting, “Passengers receive a confirmation on the app when a dispatcher accepts their ride request, and can actually track their vehicle’s progress, which helps them relax, knowing their ride is on the way. Plus, riders can book multiple requests, allowing them to plan out their whole week, month, or year in advance.”