The VVB in Völklingen, Germany partnered with the INIT Group for the planning and optimized operation of their upcoming delivery of electric buses.

eMOBILE-PLAN from INIT Mobility Software Solutions (formerly initplan) is being used for forecasting of blocks and duties to ensure reliable and economical scheduling. Due to the system’s flexible and modular architecture, the eMOBILE-PLAN integration was possible within just a few days, so that planning could begin quickly.

Optimized blocks and duties for the entire fleet have already been generated for this autumn when the first two e-buses arrive, but VVB will also use eMOBILE-PLAN for deployment scenarios for their additional e-buses, which will be purchased within the next few years.

eMOBILE-PLAN allows VVB to consider the outside temperatures that affect energy consumption to create special blocks and duties for particularly hot or cold periods when a lot of energy must be used to either cool or heat the vehicle. Additionally, vehicle range, charging technology and charging infrastructure are also parameters considered by the eMOBILE-PLAN suite when scheduling e-buses.

The solution ensures that the new e-buses are used as much as possible, because every emission-free mile protects the environment and the climate.