Valley Metro's Plan &Track App Gives Riders Real-Time Trip Info
Valley Metro's Plan &Track App Gives Riders Real-Time Trip Info

Valley Metro, in partnership with the city of Phoenix and Vix Technology, is launching the new Valley Metro app that features real time bus and light rail tracking and trip planning. On behalf of the region, the city of Phoenix has contracted with global payment systems provider, Vix Technology, to modernize Valley Metro’s regional fare system, giving riders greater tools and flexibility to access the transit system.

Tracking and trip planning are the first enhancements as part of a multi-year program that will also include mobile ticketing, reloadable smart cards, and more modern fare collection equipment. Mobile fare payment will be introduced in 2022. Once complete, the new platform will provide passengers with frictionless regional travel on bus, light rail, and the future streetcar system.

“This digital tool is a game changer for our riders. It basically takes all of the guesswork out of planning a transit trip,” said Scott Smith, Valley Metro CEO. “We know this is a big deal for current riders and we believe it will attract new riders to our ever-growing system.”

The planning and tracking features of the app were accelerated after a 2020 rider survey indicated that nearly 70% of respondents stated it is very important to keep riders informed of service updates.

The mobile app was designed by Vix and their partner, Unwire. The app aggregates a range of mobility services from traditional mass transit to micromobility, paratransit, rideshare and other multi-modal options. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android devices.

With real time tracking, it gives the riders the ability to see when their bus or train will arrive. With the app now available, riders can:

  • Plan trips with step-by-step navigation
  • Track buses and trains in real time
  • View a trip’s travel time
  • Save favorite stops
  • Get service alerts and updates