CabinAir Releases Active Air Quality Solution
CabinAir Releases Active Air Quality Solution

CabinAir has released its fully integrated, OEM–approved, Active Air Quality Solution for buses, which removes up to 99 % of harmful particles in a single pass, keeping in-cabin air quality within WHO-recommended levels throughout the ride.

Unlike almost all other systems, CabinAir’s Active Air Quality Solution does not need to be in recirculation mode to work effectively. As a result, drowsiness-causing CO2 does not build up and VOCs emitted by the materials inside the cabin are continuously flushed out and replaced with fresh, healthy air.

The company’s solution adapts to a manufacturers’ existing HVAC solutions and manufacturing processes to minimize changes needed and ensure a fast, low-risk development and integration project.

The particle charging unit is typically placed in the air intake system between the first environmental protection and the cabin air filter.

The system is designed to handle all external environmental elements, such as water, extreme temperature difference, dirt, and more. It must be located before the cabin air filter to enable electrostatic charge of particle matter before it is collected by the filter.

The unit is powered with DC 12V and may be controlled by a vehicle’s climate control module using Local Interconnect Communication.

Premium automobile manufacturers are already seeing the competitive advantage the CabinAir Active Air Quality Solution gives them. It is currently available in Volvo Cars globally, named as Active Air Cleaner, a core element of Volvo’s CLEANZONE®.