Connexionz Experiencing Fast Growth, Opens New Denver Office
Connexionz Experiencing Fast Growth, Opens New Denver Office

Connexionz has opened a new sales and marketing office in the heart of Denver, which will host a growing team of dedicated business development staff.

Connexionz US Sales Director, Brian Garrett, said the business growth has been driven by numerous competitive wins in recent months, plus existing clients purchasing additional product options/features, and recommitments from clients for service and maintenance on current bus technology systems.

“It’s been a very busy and productive 2021 for us so far, with new systems being installed in California, Wisconsin, Washington, Tennessee, North Carolina, Oregon, and Puerto Rico,” he explained.

The company has increased sales staff threefold while also expanding its project management, support, and vehicle technician teams.

Among the company’s recent wins is the deployment of a tracking and dispatch system for a 35-vehicle transit agency in the City of Racine, Wis. “Racine is an exciting win for us, partly because the competition was so robust, but we also knew that our established CAD/AVL and tracking technology and experience integrating with Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) systems would make a real difference for both Racine’s transit team and the passengers they serve, “Garrett said.

Also new to the Connexionz portfolio is a project designed to enable Vallejo, Calif., based transit agency, SolTrans, to undertake “platform loading,” a process that requires a highly accurate solution. SolTrans, an agency with nearly 60 fleet vehicles completes over 1.4 million passenger trips per year.

Connexionz continues to increase bandwidth while bidding on important integrated transportation technology projects that improve lives for millions of public transit riders across the globe.