Fenton Products Continue to Elevate Adaptability
Fenton Products Continue to Elevate Adaptability

Fenton Mobility Products Inc., a 50-year-old New York-based, family-owned business specializing in automotive aftermarket solutions integrated into original vehicle manufacturer chassis, continues to produce innovative accessible solutions for the transportation industry. These integrated solutions provide passenger transport with a focus on wheelchair accessible vehicles. The company is the holder of over a dozen patent and patent pending designs in North America and Europe, with every Fenton product made in the U.S. Using a national distribution network, Fenton products are being integrated into vehicles throughout the country and are standard on several government contracts in every environment coast to coast.

The company’s most popular products are the AbiliTrax universal flooring system with flexible seating and the highly sought-after industry first Shift-N-Step Dual Access Side lift system. Each product has been specifically designed and rigorously tested to meet full FMVSS/CMVSS and ADA compliance. Both separately and together, the AbiliTrax flooring and Shift-N-Step lift systems continue to gain momentum in the market and are currently active on nationwide state agency and DOT contracts including in New York and California.

Fenton has proudly launched its latest in innovative transportation products, the Save-A-Step. Save-A-Step is the first-ever ambulatory lift system for those passengers who are experiencing difficulty with balance, strength, or injuries/conditions that are impairing their full motor abilities when negotiating vehicle steps. Providers in public transportation, including assisted living transportation services, NEMT operators, travel tour companies, cruise lines, and shuttle van operators, can now support their passengers with a safer, simpler, and more dignified entry and exit system, while also reducing accident and liability exposure. Save-A-Step’s non-ADA ambulatory lift is a more compact entry system than a full-size commercial lift and features both standing and seated lift options.

Along with their variety of products, Fenton is also making strides in the transition to electrified vehicles with exciting soon-to-be-offered aftermarket options to maximize cost efficiency and battery life of electrified systems, specifically for the paratransit segment. 

Fenton is an FTA-Approved TVM, whose product line meets all Buy America Regulations and is available direct or through participating dealers nationwide.