Digital Signage makes up a large portion of the world of transportation, keeping commuters, travelers, and tourists safe and informed while traveling. Managers working in mass or public transportation rely on digital signage solutions, like kiosks, video wall systems, digital menu boards, and outdoor displays, to broadcast schedules or delays, and to share important updates with their customers. With the proper equipment and displays, train stations, subway stations, airports, and other mass or public transit integrators can keep their customers and employees informed at every step of their journey, to ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience.

Making the switch to dynamic, digital content with digital signage solutions help to create clear messaging for an easier consumer experience. There are a variety of different ways digital signage can be incorporated into mass transportation - whether an integrator is looking to upgrade current displays or find a new solution, here are a few important factors to consider.

Define Your Needs

First, integrators should consider the intended use of the display. For example, if an integrator is looking for a solution that will allow them to share train and bus times, delays, or important updates for commuters, a video wall system would be ideal. This digital solution is large enough to be displayed in waiting rooms, terminals, train stations, or any other relevant areas and is easily readable and accessible for their intended audience. In more crowded areas where larger digital signage may not be appropriate, integrators can utilize smaller solutions like kiosks or ceiling mounted displays. These solutions can help businesses share travel information such as platform numbers, directions, or maps with their intended audience in an efficient way.

It is common for convenience stores, coffee shops, and other fast-food chains to be incorporated into mass transportation areas as an extra convenience for travelers. In these locations, integrators can utilize digital menu boards to provide menu or promotion updates, as well as deliver consistent messaging and branding.



Digital signage solutions allow train stations, airports, or any other form of mass transit applications to quickly and efficiently update the dynamic content running on the digital signage displays. As weather and other outside elements can be unpredictable and cause delays or in some cases cancellations, managers must have a simple solution that allows them to keep their customers informed. It is essential that integrators provide a solution that can be updated anywhere, so businesses can continue to provide updates even when a network is lost due to a storm or other external factors.

Durability and Weather Precautions

Another element integrators must consider is external precautions, like weather, temperature, and other harmful elements. We recommend looking for a solution that is designed to be used in an environment that is unpredictable. Digital signage intended for outdoor use must meet a specific level of qualifications. Outdoor elements, such as rain, snow, and the sun, can greatly damage the digital signage which is why outdoor-rated equipment and precautions are so important. For signage that is placed in areas with ambient lighting conditions, high-brightness screens are required as well. Impact-resistance is another key feature to look for when selecting the right outdoor displays as vandalism and debris are prevalent anywhere.


Keep it Simple

While these businesses might intend to use these digital signage solutions in a variety of different ways, they must keep their approach simple. Digital solutions allow for a great amount of flexibility, creativity, and branding. Commuters and travelers already have a lot on their mind when traveling and the last thing they want it to be bombarded by promoted content. To avoid this, managers should keep advertisements, promotions, and any other digital content simple, direct, and to a minimum. 

Default to the Professionals

We cannot stress this enough, working with professionals from the very beginning will save businesses time, money, and effort. Peerless-AV has an experienced team of highly trained and skilled professionals who can help mass transit applications find the ideal solutions for their indoor or outdoor digital signage needs, troubleshoot any situation, and are there to help businesses with every step of the process. Onsite support by trained professionals means that when unexpected problems occur, they can be solved immediately and in an efficient manner.