In 2022, Proterra’s Silicon Valley Technology Center in Burlingame, Calif., achieved TRUE’s...

In 2022, Proterra’s Silicon Valley Technology Center in Burlingame, Calif., achieved TRUE’s Gold-level certification.

Photo: Proterra

Proterra Inc announced that the company has been awarded TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Certification for multiple manufacturing facilities in recognition of their zero waste efforts.

Proterra is now the first electric vehicle manufacturer to earn multiple TRUE Certifications for zero waste facilities, according to Green Business Certification Inc (GBCI).

Proterra’s Silicon Valley technology center in Burlingame, Calif. and East Coast electric bus manufacturing plant in Greenville, South Carolina both achieved TRUE’s Gold-level certification this year for diverting more than 90% of all qualified recycling, compost, and reusable materials from landfills, waste-to-energy, and the environment.

“Proterra was founded with a clear sense of purpose to power the transition to a 100% clean energy future for the benefit of our planet and humanity," said Gareth Joyce, Proterra CEO. "These values are core to who we are as our company works every day to drive this critical transformation in a sustainable and responsible way. Achieving zero waste certification at multiple manufacturing sites is a reflection of those values and our commitment to shaping a healthier future for all the communities we live in and serve."

Administered by GBCI, the TRUE rating system helps facilities measure, improve, and recognize zero waste performance by encouraging the adoption of sustainable waste management and reduction practices.

“Proterra recognizes that by pursuing zero waste they are helping us build a sustainable future for all,” said Peter Templeton, President and CEO of U.S. Green Building Council and GBCI. “Waste impacts all facets of business; changing the way that we use resources will deliver public health benefits, reduce our environmental impact, and advance a greener economy.”