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Greater Dayton RTA

Greater Dayton RTA lauded for wellness program

Some of the efforts of the HEARTA program include a fitness center, exercise classes, bio-metric screenings, weight management programs, heart healthy walking and more. The agency’s executive team leads by example, with 100% participation.

Ohio’s Dayton RTA offers low-income job seekers fare discount

Reaching out to social service agencies with financially disadvantaged clients who need jobs, the transit system will make bus tokens available at a significant discount through its new Transit Access Fund. The fund is partially supported by federal Job Access Reverse Commute money.

Greater Dayton RTA debuts video ads

During their commute to the Dayton Air Show, riders were exposed to engaging messages on services and products from area companies, as well as the RTA. Officials at the agency are hoping to increase revenue to help support its service to customers.

Greater Dayton RTA introduces 'Million Mile Club' for safe drivers

When hired, RTA operators receive 48 hours of classroom and on-the-road training. New paratransit operators get an additional 80 hours of training on the road. All operators at RTA also must take a one-day course in which they go through the paces of people with cognitive and physical disabilities.