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Transportation Secretary

METRO Briefs

Claude Brinegar, former transportation secretary, dies. Cash-strapped Austin transit planning BRT. N.Y. actor rescues man from oncoming train.

U.S. DOT to improve border travel efficiency

The Cascade Gateway Project will provide border-crossing wait time and travel condition information to drivers and freight carriers, using sensors to provide pre-trip and en-route wait times on crossing the border to reduce congestion.

Driving decline hits one-year mark

Americans drove 3.5 percent less, or 8.9 billion fewer vehicle miles traveled, in October 2008 than October 2007, making it the sharpest decline of any October since 1971.

FRA issues final rule on advanced braking technology

The final rule requires that ECP brake systems fully comply with existing industry standards and certain railroad operating rules and training programs be modified to ensure workers have the knowledge and skills required to properly utilize the systems.