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May 5, 2014

Cornell U. president struggling to find funds for transit subsidies

President David Skorton is considering a request from the University Assembly to increase its subsidies to Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit, to avoid cutting free bus passes for first-year students. However, Cornell’s Transportation Services department is facing a $700,000 annual budget deficit.

April 21, 2014

Cornell U. may end free rides for 1st-year students

The Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit reportedly sees an annual deficit of more than $700,000, partially caused by an increase in first-year students who use the service, which has driven down the subsidy amount the agency receives per student.

December 2, 2013

Cornell U. bus struck by truck that killed NYPD officer

The bus had been trying to parallel park in front of the Cornell Club.

November 19, 2012

Cornell students call for more late night van service

Signed an online petition asking for an expansion of the B.L.U. E. late-night shuttle program, citing concerns about “the prevalence of hate crimes and increased reporting about public sexual assault.”

August 6, 2012

N.Y. Sen. asks MTA to create tech campus route

Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) is asking for a route that connects the future Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island with tech hubs in Queens and Brooklyn to accommodate New York’s tech boom.

June 4, 2012

U. Transit Profile: Ithaca, N.Y. transit manages needs of 3 campuses, community

Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit operates 34 routes using a fleet of 55 buses, including eight electric diesel hybrid buses. The system originates from three systems operated by the City of Ithaca, Tompkins County and Cornell University, with each stemming as far back as far as a half of a century.

September 16, 2011

Prevost delivers coaches from coast to coast

Harlow's Trailways of Washington will launch service in the state with two new vehicles, while New York-based Swarthout Coaches will use its new coach for university service.

January 10, 2011

Cornell U. expands Campus-to-Campus bus service

Students and faculty at the New York City campus will now be able to take the Campus-to-Campus bus service to Ithaca daily. The bus service will soon add six weekly round trips to its schedule, an increase of more than 40 percent over the current 14 trips.

March 15, 2010

Cornell U. transportation director retires after 32 years

Under William Wendt's leadership, the University’s transportation and mail services department received a wide variety of national recognition and accolades. Most recently, the department received the “Best Practitioner” award from the Community Transportation Association of America in 2009.


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