GreenPower Motor Company Inc. delivered the first two EV Star All-Electric Min-eBuses (EV Stars) to Creative Bus Sales, with 10 additional EV Stars to be delivered during the next two weeks. As previously announced, GreenPower received an order in 2018 for 100 buses from Creative, the nation’s largest bus dealer for sales, parts, and service.

With 19 physical locations, a 75-person sales team, and 200-plus service and support staff, Creative sold thousands of buses in the U.S. last year and represents over 20 of the top bus manufacturers.

The EV Star is the only bus in its class that comes with a standard J1772 level 2 and CCS DC fast combo charge system, allowing for optimal flexibility in route planning for any duty cycle. The EV Star is eligible for a base voucher of $90,000 from the California HVIP program and an additional voucher of $10,000 when the vehicle is operated in a disadvantaged community.

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Staff Writer