Renderings of Dodger Stadium gondolas courtesy of Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies.

Renderings of Dodger Stadium gondolas courtesy of Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies.

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) sent a Request for Information (RFI) to the firm proposing to build an aerial tram between Los Angeles Union Station and Dodger Stadium.

The RFI will help guide Aerial Rapid Transit Technologies (ARTT) in writing a more detailed proposal for the aerial tram. The RFI — which is a confidential document — includes technical, operational, business-related, and legal questions that Metro would like to see addressed.

In April, ARTT submitted an unsolicited proposal to Metro’s Office of Extraordinary Innovation for a privately-funded tram between Union Station — which Metro owns — and the ballpark. In early June, Metro announced that the proposal had enough merit to advance to a Phase II analysis, with the agency promising to issue an RFI within 60 days.

If Metro approves the Phase II proposal, it could be the basis for a competitive procurement, a sole source agreement between Metro and ARTT or another arrangement depending on Metro’s role and relationship to the project.

Should the project go forward, the aerial tram would be another convenient way to reach Dodger Stadium from Union Station. Metro has run the popular Dodger Stadium Express free bus service from Union Station since 2010. A route between Harbor Gateway Transit Center in the South Bay and the ballpark was added in 2015. The Dodgers have led the Major Leagues in attendance since 2013.

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