Nova Bus.

Nova Bus.

At Nova Bus, we bring life to your city by designing vehicles that can handle the toughest challenges.

From standard 40-foot buses to high-capacity articulated BRT vehicles, clean diesel to hybrid-electric, and from 100% electric to natural gas propulsion, Nova buses have the capacity to respond to any type of service demand at any time.

Key highlights of the LFS platform include:
• Structural integrity of Nova’s single platform maximizes driver and passenger security.
• Increased productivity — The lightest vehicle in the industry, high fuel efficiency, and excellent performance combine to provide you with maximum cost savings.
• Increased reliability — A proven track record, easy diagnostics, and fast repairs maximize vehicle uptime throughout the life of the bus.
• Passenger comfort — A redesigned interior, large windows, natural light inflow, customizable seating layout, and smooth ride.
• Increased safety — All-wheel disc brakes, an ergonomic driver’s environment, and one-piece windshield come standard.

Check out Nova Bus' vehicles at the APTA Expo at Booth #8147