XL Hybrids Inc. announced the successful installation of its XL3® Hybrid Electric Drive System into the Pittsfield, Mass.-based Berkshire Regional Transit Authority’s (BRTA) fixed-route buses.

BRTA provides public transit services to its 25 member communities within Berkshire County. BRTA’s new hybrid vehicles fall in line with the September announcement by Massachusetts Gov. Charles D. Baker to establish an integrated Climate Change Strategy for the Commonwealth.

“Governor Baker’s administration will work with state and regional transportation leaders plus environment and energy agencies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector,” said Robert Malnati, administrator for Berkshire Regional Transit Authority. “We’ve already been identifying opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and were impressed by the XL Hybrids technology because of the immediate return on investment, 20 percent reduction in CO2 emissions, and increased fuel economy.”

The new Ford E-450 mini buses up-fitted with XL3 hybrid drive systems are welcome additions to BRTA’s current hybrid fleet including support sedans and sport utility vehicles as well as 35-foot heavy duty fixed-route buses. The new XL Hybrids-equipped minibuses are ADA-compliant and will be deployed in BRTA’s fixed route service.

The new BRTA minibuses are also equipped with XL Hybrids’ XL Link™ cloud-based fleet vehicle connectivity and analytics system, which measures MPG performance, fuel savings, and CO2 reduction. The XL Link reports deliver mobility and easy access to key metrics that are important to fleets’ specific needs and sustainability goals.

The XL3 hybrid system is compatible with new and existing Class 2 to 6 commercial fleet vehicles and can be installed in less than six hours.