LA Metro

LA Metro

Parsons is proud to announce that the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) selected Parsons to modernize the Regional Integration of Intelligent Transportation System to facilitate and encourage near real-time transportation data exchange between more than 125 traffic, transit, emergency service, and other agencies to improve transportation in Southern California.

Parsons will provide RIITS with “unprecedented” operational integration functionality through technologies that will deliver big data analytics and reporting capabilities.

LA Metro administers RIITS on behalf of member agencies for the Southern California region. Caltrans, the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation, the California Highway Patrol, Long Beach Transit, Foothill Transit, the County of Los Angeles Public Works Department Information Exchange Network, Metro, and others exchange information through RIITS. This exchange provides transportation operations a consolidated, data-rich, and near real-time source of information for transportation in Southern California via an interface that allows for coordinated transportation management throughout the region. RIITS also exchanges near real-time transportation data with numerous traveler information services.

“Southern California has the most congested traffic system in the nation,” said Parsons Group President Michael Johnson. “Modern, proactive transportation management is essential for meeting the region’s mobility, sustainability, and emergency management needs. We welcome this opportunity to help move Southern California another step forward as a transportation-smart city.”

By leveraging mobile technology, global positioning systems, beacon sensors, and other signals, Parsons helps transportation agencies capture, consolidate, and analyze real-time transportation patterns and usage to maximize transportation efficiency, performance, and safety.

In addition, Parsons’ technology provides jurisdictions with historical and other types of big-data analytics that allow transportation agencies to improve operations and make better-informed and effective infrastructure investment decisions.

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