WASHINGTON, D.C. — As a safety oversight commission for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) is closer to becoming a reality, the D.C. Council has made changes to authorizing legislation to make it easier for the public to also keep an eye on the transit agency’s safety record, wtop reports.

The D.C. Council held a public hearing about a bill that would establish the regional Metrorail Safety Commission, a federally-mandated agency that would be charged with inspecting and enforcing safety standards for Metro. Budget details and also possible commission appointments were also discussed.

The revised bill increases transparency and provides public access to the commission’s work, including access to meetings and the ability to request documents and records by requiring the commission to adhere to the federal public records law.

Originally, the draft legislation did not require the commission to be subject to state open records laws but would have allowed the commission to set its own policies using the federal law as a guide. For the full story, click here.