To keep up with the recent increase in demand, Elkhart Coach is moving into a significantly larger production facility later this year.

Recent industry changes, along with the upcoming introduction of new products, played a significant role in Forest River’s decision to expand.

“Our dealers have told us that they need more product and that we need to get it into their hands faster. Based on these facts alone, this move makes all the sense in the world,” states Tony Cundiff, GM of Elkhart Coach.

The new facility will not only allow Elkhart Coach to increase their overall volume, but will significantly reduce the time that their dealers presently wait for delivery. In the bus industry, delivery times play a crucial part in the success of both the manufacturer and the dealer. Elkhart Coach’s new facility will have the capacity to produce 2,500 units annually.

“We are very excited about this upcoming move. Tony and his team have done an excellent job building one of the highest quality buses in the industry. They look forward to having the opportunity to better serve our dealers,” says David Wright of Forest River. This marks the second announced expansion by Forest River’s bus divisions this month.

Elkhart Coach is a division of Forest River, Inc. Forest River is one of America’s leading manufacturers of recreational vehicles, pontoon boats, cargo trailers and buses.